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Of Long Talks and Short Lived Mistakes

I posted this on facebook during the school year last year. I wanted to post it where I could get to it again and it involves Aron, so I am recording it here.

"Just had a long talk with my littlest boy about obedience. He's ALWAYS so easy, it's hard to take when he makes the wrong choice.

Even for him.

He has high expectations of himself.

I ended up telling him a story I remembered about my kindergarten year. How I wasn't paying attention, and I didn't hear Mrs. Hollister give directions. I didn't use the Easter egg pattern to trace and cut out for my own picture, I colored right on the pattern. When my sweet teacher saw what I was doing and called my name, the rest of the class noticed too and began to tease and laugh at me a bit. I was nearly in tears when mercy came out of Mrs. Hollister's mouth.

"Look what Mary Jo has done for us. She has made our pattern so pretty for the rest of us to use."

She took my mistake and turned it into a blessing.

I love that memory.

I love what it did for me at 6 years old and I love what it did for me tonight, allowing me to tell my 6 year old that God always turns our mistakes into good things. It allowed me to translate Romans 8:28 into a kindergarteners understanding and I watched him recover from his own contempt.

Our sins, our mistakes, our horrible choices...they are NOTHING to the blood of Christ, they are NOTHING to His grace, He can turn all of it into a blessing, not just for us, but for those around us, even the people we have wronged.

Thank you Mrs. Hollister, I feel so blessed to have had your care and teaching. You showed love that continues to reach little kindergarten hearts you've never even met."


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Aron's Way

Q: What is a pirate
A: A person with just one eye...and only one leg.

Q: What do you call someone who comes to your house to kill bugs?
A: An exsquirminator

Q: Why do people go to the gym
A: for extrasize


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Fourth Birthday

Aron had a birthday some time back and I've failed to update with a blog post. I will not write much on this, just post a few obligatory pictures from his party and the following morning when he and his brothers played with his gifts like it was Christmas morning.

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Poor little guy hasn't had his website updated since February. I can't believe that and am truly ashamed of myself.

Aron has GROWN! He's almost four now and showing every sign of accomplishing great things. He's getting tall like his brothers and seems to keep up with almost everything they do.

Today as we shopped for a few grocery items, he held my list and announced the letters from each word for me. He has picked up on a lot and seems to be catching on to the sounds as well as the identity of the letters.

He is as affectionate as ever and still very much loves for me to hold him. Sometimes I think it's just to make Ivan jealous though.

Independent, sometimes loud, sweet, often demanding, social, articulate, obedient, smart and adorable, Aron is only going to be three for a few more weeks. He's anxious to start school so he can hang out with his brothers more. He knows almost everything, but never gets upset when I explain that he's wrong. He takes life in stride and I'm very happy that he's mine.

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