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Right On Time

Aron Conoley Kelso
September 25, 2007
12:06 p.m.
10 pounds, 2 ounces, and 22 1/2 inches long.

Aron is with us. It seemed like an eternity of being pregnant. Having never gone past my due date before it was a real test of patience to carry what was obviously a very large baby so long. One week overdue I recognize, is not that far over the mark and I am thankful that we went into labor when we did which was in fact…”right on time.”

I admit I went through moments of sheer anger at my situation. I asked God time and again what He could be thinking. Why would he want me to carry such a large baby past term and risk what I feared would be a very hard delivery. But always I came back to believing that He did indeed have all things under control. He brought peace in many forms, affirming friends and family, a confident mid-wife who always spoke of success, and sermons that were spoken straight to me and my situation. His Word was a constant source of strength and each day it brought me new comfort and excitement about the future. There were just occasional meltdowns where I couldn’t see past the discomfort, the weariness, the hard labor I had had with Owen and the looming realization that I would have to somehow get this baby out. I was confident that he was at least 10 pounds and Kathy confirmed that she felt he was right around that mark as well. As he was lying posterior it was hard to get an accurate measurement. She never wavered though, Kathy insisted that smaller women than myself had delivered large babies just fine, that I would be just fine and that the baby would be just fine.

Finally the day arrived. After a Monday consisting of contractions all day long I was confident when I woke up early on Tuesday with more significant contractions that this was going to be it. As soon as Kris’ alarm went off I told him that I didn’t think he would need to go to work that day. I made a few phone calls to praying friends and tried walking around to keep myself active and working toward labor. My pain increased and I got to the point where I couldn’t really do much anymore. Kathy was on her way along with daughter Jennifer and her baby, and my sister Becky was working on getting a replacement at work so that she could come join us as well. Pastor Sandy and Pastor Glenda arrived a little before Becky and we all chatted and sat around the bedroom as labor progressed. I didn’t chat much but my part in the conversation wasn’t insisted upon.

When Kathy checked me I was at 9 cm. and nearly complete. I sat through several more hard contractions and though I knew I would need to start pushing soon I wanted to wait until I was sure I could do it. Kathy encouraged me to give it a try explaining that since my water hadn’t yet broken I may not feel the need to push until it did. Pushing would most likely take care of that. I was honestly afraid to start. I didn’t want to get into it and find I couldn’t do it. The fact that Aron was so big really scared me and I hesitantly listened to Kathy and Jennifer’s encouragement. I did believe them and I did take their suggestions as to position and breathing and went to work. My water did break in short order and after a second and more conducive position was found I felt the pressure and the ability to really push productively. I pushed hard. I could feel his body moving down and his head getting closer but it felt impossible. I seriously doubted my ability to finish, but knew that I was the only one who could do this, that there was no turning back and that simply put…I just had to. I kept pushing and pushing and listened for every word of encouragement Kris and Kathy and Jennifer were giving. Had they not been so encouraging I would have quit. My legs quaked, my arms are sore the next day, I’m not even sure what I was doing with them but I know I must have been working hard. Kris was there beside me helping me, and finally I heard the relieving words that his head was out. I knew that the body was going to be a little easier but as he was large it seemed to take forever to get that final foot and toe out. I kept thinking I was done but would feel more baby that needed to go. In moments it seemed, they had laid him on my chest. It wasn’t until then that I actually opened my eyes. He looked perfect. He was a little purple fellow with a round face and his squalling lungs were working out a fierce cry. He was long and muscled and seemed to be looking for a reason for this sudden environmental change.

All in all I pushed for 10 minutes. Not bad for a big boy of 10lbs. 2oz. He was declared perfect by Kathy and admired by all his visitors. He did not appear overdue except for his size. When Kathy tested his maturity level, he registered as having been in the womb for 37 ½ weeks. According to these calculations, he was actually early! There was no meconium and he had been thickly covered with vernix (cheesy white substance that protects baby skin in the womb, it lessens as the time in the womb increases). Apparently I just make large babies.

In all of this I realized that God had been planning the date of Aron’s birth all along, just as I felt compelled but struggled to believe. Rushing things would not have been helpful to him, God protected him from all of my impatience bringing him into the world right on time.


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Aron is approaching his due date (September 18) and growing consistently. He and I have our appointments with Kathy the midwife once a week and both of us are doing well. I did test positive for Group B Strep a while back so I am taking precautions for that. Other than that, there is nothing negative keeping us from looking forward to labor and delivery. He feels extremely large and I'm certainly sore and uncomfortable but what expectant mother doesn't feel that way at nine months?

I am getting more and more impatient to know who he is, what he looks like and how he'll react to sunshine and faces. He's certainly a different personality than his brothers, his movement is different and it is the only way I can determine who he is at this point. He does seem very strong, his movements seem very forceful and determined.

Owen has decided that he will have brown eyes. I will be interested to see what color his hair and eyes are. The other two being so different it will be fun to see what combination Aron comes up with.

I hope to post of his birth very soon. In the mean time we are waiting and trying to do so patiently. Excitement is in the air.

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