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"Funny Mommy"

Aron is hilarious. I find myself laughing at him a lot and he seems to have a real grasp of what I find humorous. What's really cracking me up lately is that he tells me what's funny.

When I play with the boys and make faces or sounds that make them laugh he will chuckle a little and then say, "funny mommy." Like he's telling me I did a good job.

This morning he even made the distinction from just funny to humor that's silly. I had done something ridiculous and he responded with a big smile (not a laugh) and pointing his finger at me said, "silly mommy."

His expressions change so much and he uses his eyebrows constantly. He's mimicking everything. It doesn't matter who said it, Aron will attempt to repeat it. Even the faces we make, sad, happy, angry, whatever...he mirrors our faces and joins in whatever mood is presented. Poor kid won't know how he really feels about anything because he's mocking everyone else' feelings.

I know I've said it before, but I really, really enjoy him and this stage he's in.


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Scary Smart

I get a little startled sometimes at the things Aron says. He is so observant and seems to remember things very well. His greetings in the morning are becoming more than the one word shouts of "Mommy!" or "Morning!" He is now saying "morning sunshine!" when I enter his room. "Thank you mommy," or "Thank you Ivan," or whoever happened to be the one who turned the light on. He's basically using sentences and using them well.

Today, he handed me an expired coupon that he found on the floor. We had used a similar coupon just a few days ago to get free chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A. He handed me the coupon and said, "Chicken nuggets mommy?" I blinked a few times as it really surprised me that he seemed to have made the correct association and then composed a three word sentence.

Just a few moments ago he pointed to the sandwich cutter in the dishwasher and said "heart mommy?" It is shaped like a heart.

The other day he was sitting on Kris' lap and since he and I had discussed his age and Ivan and I had shown him how to hold one finger up I asked him to show off for daddy by saying, "how old are you Aron?" He looked right at me, frowned and said, "Ion't know."


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20 Months

Aron is 20 months now and is talking constantly. He says most things clearly enough to understand but there is still a lot of gibberish thrown in.

Of late, he is repeating anything and everything his big brothers say. Yesterday on the way to church he was listening to Owen try to relate a story and was repeating loudly, about every third word. He points out houses and especially dogs as we drive along in the van and exuberantly declares "EAT!" when he is hungry.

This morning when I walked into his room to get him up he proudly said..."mounny!" He repeated this until it came out the right way to his ears. "mourny!...Morny!...Morning!" He is good sunshine for my day.

Later this morning I had all the kids in the van along with Madison who is with us during the day this week. Aron had been jabbering about "goggies" and such and Madison asked him what the doggy says. He first gave her a very strange look and finally after being asked a few times responded, "goggy says warp! warp!" His barks are very high pitched and quick.

He's been singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" with enthusiasm and will often be heard singing, "Happy...Know...Amen!" and clapping his hands as he repeats it over and over.

His giddy squeals and excited prancing at the site of dogs and cats is so cute and fun. I am enjoying his joy.

I wish I could write more accurately and give an account that allowed you to see how fun he is right now. Most of you have had toddlers and you know how sweet it is to be hugged tightly by pudgy arms and how sweet it is to kiss little soft cheeks and tussle little curls. You probably know what it feels like to make a little one laugh hysterically and how exciting it is to see and hear them learning and acknowledging the experiences they have. How heartbreaking it is to see them fall and how comforting it is to be able to hug away whatever made them cry. Aron is everything a little boy ought to be at this age and I only wish I could keep him from growing any bigger too soon.


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Frequently now, Aron will attempt to get the attention of his older brothers by shouting their names. He will also get very excited when we pull into the school parking lot everyday at noon. He shouts Owen's name with enthusiasm and claps his hands. He is able to pronounce "w"s abut for whatever reason, cannot pronounce it within the name. So it comes out "Omen" which I find terribly entertaining.

Another thing he has been saying lately that always puts a smile on my face is, "Aweshome." He will throw something and watch it land and say, "Aweshome!" and clap for himself. He will see someone else do something remarkable in his mind and quickly give a praise of "aweshome!" and clap for them. Awesome.

Ivan has also fallen victim to Aron's mispronunciations. I don't know if he can say "v" or not but Ivan has become "Imnan, Inan" and other things.

His vocabulary grows almost daily and I'm completely taken by his attempts. He really tries to say just about everything and doesn't limit himself at all by his ability to understand. He just repeats. I really think his philosophy, if a 19 month old child can adopt a philosophy, is that he will say whatever gets a reaction. If "more" was effective for Ivan than he'll try it too. If "stop" was effective for Owen, he'll give it a go. He's already learned to work the system to a degree and I am realizing the need to keep up.

One thing I've noticed is that he is just as stubborn as Ivan but shows it differently. Each boy has handled things differently in this area with Owen being the very cooperative and Ivan being the frustrated one. Aron will not sit and cry when he doesn't get his way, he'll just move on without getting his way. For instance: If I told Owen he could have a cookie if he says "please," he would quickly say "please" and enjoy his cookie. If the scenario were replaced with Ivan, he would cry and pout a little before being sent away and then when he realizes that we are serious and "please" is the only way, he will return ready to oblige. When Aron is given the opportunity to have a cookie, he will not say "please", will not fuss, will ask a few times and then go on his merry way without the cookie. More determined to do things his way than to have a cookie. I feel a little frightened by this.

He is generally very sweet in nature and will give hugs and kisses generously. However, it is not a lasting affection. He rarely sits still for more than 30 seconds at a time and is still an unlikely candidate for a good mommy moment in the rocking chair.

His eating is still a force of nature. He loves to eat, loves to tell me what to serve and will out-consume his brothers easily. He's getting much better with a spoon and fork and is vicious about how he wants to be helped. He will occasionally ask for "holp" with the last part of a dish, but will only allow me to fill the spoon...not carry anything to his mouth. If I get it on the spoon or fork...he wants to do the rest.

He is funny. He makes comical faces and poses in order to get attention and a laugh. He loves to entertain us and of course we are a very willing audience around here. I enjoy this kid a great deal and sometimes wish I could freeze time right here with him because he's a lot of fun right now.


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18 months

Aron is 18 months as of March 25 and is just about as normal as an 18 month old boy aught to be I suppose. We had his well visit today at the Dr.'s office and he is measuring in the 50th percentile in almost everything. He is happy and hungry, funny and frustrating, curious and cuddly and in almost every way adorable. He mimics his brothers often and is learning words as quickly as he can get his tongue to form them. He is quite decisive and sure of things he wants and I have quite a struggle to get him to eat what I want him to. He is not a picky eater, but he refuses, at times, things he likes because there is something he likes better. This morning we battled for a while, but he finally realized that if he did not accept the banana, his only other option was nothing.

Here are some pictures that have been taken in the past couple of months.

Just a nice smile...I can see how much his hair has thickened since this was taken in mid February.

At the zoo...out of the stroller and making his way in the world.

This was at the end of our trip to the ER last month. A volunteer at the hospital gave him a little stuffed toy that had been donated by a church...which is perfect for my little hugger. He is much more attached to stuffed animals than either Owen or Ivan were.

Little baby legs in white diapers and white socks is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

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