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Getting to Know Aron

Aron is a mixture of great joy and great sorrow. He laughs and plays for all he's worth and cries and screams with all he has. When he is quiet, he is very, very quiet and when he is hungry he is completely focused on getting what he wants.

I am enjoying his personality a great deal, though that insistence he seems to have for being within two feet of me at all times is a bit annoying. He does fine for other people it seems and once he gets used to being upstairs while I'm down he can play by himself pretty well, but it takes him a while to content himself to be where I'm not. When we play though, he is wonderfully jovial and giggly. He's fun to tickle and make faces and noises to. I find him wonderfully squeezable and delightfully affectionate.

He is still doing his army low crawl, but once in a while finds it more effective to get up on his knees for a while. He still doesn't use his hands, just elbows and knees. His jabber is fun. He is very obviously trying to copy what we say and seems to have an ability to repeat the silly sounds we make. He waves and reaches with an accepting outstretched hand. He claps and beats his hands with gusto. When I reach for him he will grab my hands and place them right where he wants them so that I can lift him up.

Nine months is right around the corner and it's hard to believe what a big boy he is already. I'm enjoying getting to know little Aron and can't wait to see what the next few months reveal about him.


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Up On Your Feet!

Aron has pulled himself up to his feet twice today. I don't have a picture of it but wanted to make a note here and just add a picture for the sake of sharing the cuteness. He is more and more independent and gets around so well. He's still not up on his knees crawling but the army crawl is pretty effective.


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Today we visited Reubmommy again and she had some chocolate pudding in the fridge and wanted to share it with her great grandsons. I wasn't too excited about the idea of Aron partaking in chocolate pudding, but when she asked if she could feed it to him I couldn't refuse. Still in his car seat I strapped a bib on him and she started in. I was busy with Ivan, and Owen was on his own at the kitchen counter. There were lots of giggles coming from the little area where Aron and Reubmommy were sharing a pudding cup. It wasn't the repetitive chuckles from Aron I was hearing, it was the silvery sound of his 94 year old great-grandma shaking with giggles as the two of them managed to cover him and his car seat with chocolate pudding. Normally this type of mess would bother me, but when I saw the two of them pleasing each other so completely it was a joy to wipe away the sticky sweet mess from eye lashes to chubby knees.


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Aron is mobile. He has been working hard at getting around and is officially on the move as of this weekend. On Saturday, Kris watched him maneuver himself into a position on the floor so that he could push himself forward enough to get a look into the kitchen where I was working. On Sunday I put him on the floor with a toy and he lowered himself to his belly and moved from my chair to the back of the couch to the kitchen about 15 feet or so from where he started. Yesterday and today has been more of the same. He directs himself and works his way to where he wants to go with arms and legs working hard to scoot that belly along. He will get up on his hands and knees but hasn't quite figured out how to move that way.

Owen and Ivan love playing with him and seem to enjoy all of his progress. Owen told me today that "Aron knows his name." He proceeded to call him to get his attention and Aron responded obediently. Ivan is full of affection, giving hugs and kisses whenever he can and making certain that Aron knows "I yuh you!"

We are just a couple days away from seven months and Aron is eating very well. I've started giving him a little cereal now and then and today I gave him half a jar of apples and blueberries. He really enjoyed it and did better with the spoon than ever before. He feels the need to put his fingers in his mouth after every bite. I think he's convinced that swallowing can only be accomplished if he's sucking on something. I held his hands down and he did much better and made less mess.

He is pretty demanding and loud when at home. The nursery workers at church seem to think he's an excellent and complacent child, but it's different when I'm where he can see me. If I so much as turn my back to him he lets out a wail that makes me cringe. I think his new found mobility will help in this area and I'm looking forward to it. He's a real joy to hold and cuddle as he is more of a "clinger" than the other two were. When I pick him up he grabs hold with his arms, legs, fingers and toes and sticks to me like Velcro. I have always enjoyed babies like that and hoped that one of mine would have those monkey characteristics. Finally got my monkey.


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Oh My!

I can't believe it's been a month and a half since I posted on Aron's blog. He's been keeping us busy, along with his brothers, and hasn't received his fair share of photos and updates.

Since the middle of February he has grown a bit, his hair is a getting thicker and he's accomplished many things. He is grabbing at everything, wants to be in the thick of whatever is going on and started sitting up this month. He loves to play upstairs with his brother's toys and sit in the midst of whatever the rest of the family is doing. He doesn't like anyone to leave the room he's in and cries when mommy or daddy turn their back. Apparently, he's realizing the impact of separation and doesn't like it. He is still tooth free at this point and strictly derives his menu from Mary Dairy Inc. I did try a little cereal and a fruit puff the other day but he didn't care for it much. We'll try again soon and see how he does.

Here are a few pictures of the little guy...

March 5, 2008 - Holding His Own Bottle

March 17, 2008 - Sitting Up

March 17, 2008 - Just Being Sweet

March 17, 2008 - Not So Sweet

March 31, 2008 - Blurry Baby (Batteries are low, I couldn't get a good shot)

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