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August Through October 2010 - Facebook posts


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August Through October 2010 - Facebook posts

Due to homeschool busy, I have not been blogging. All three of the boys' blogs as well as my own, have been somewhat dormant. I have put things on Facebook now and then though, and I decided to copy and paste a lot of that into a few posts to share. So here are some of the things Ivan has done from August to September 2010:

August 2010

One more day before school starts. We'll have to do something special. Pool, Krispy-Kreme, zoo, or maybe we'll just read on the back porch.

I finally got wiggly, squiggly and squirmy to bed. Now it's my turn but I think I'll have some sugar free Jell-O and a glass of ice water first...ya know while it's quiet.

At my 20 year High School Reunion

Got home from an ice cream outing and ran the boys upstairs for potty, toothbrushes, pajamas and a bedtime story: Shadrach, Meshach and To-Bed-We-Go!

Ivan (4) prayed for Owen this morning before we dropped him off at school. "...and Lord, help Owen to get all his work done and eat all his lunch and help him not to eat his ice-pack. In Jesus name Amen." Do you think God giggles? I did.

Lots of whiny, squealy, unhappiness and contention in my boys this morning. Selfish ambition is showing it's ugly face. Time to turn on some worship music and set my own tone.

September 2010

Big morning. The weather was/is gorgeous in Middle Tennessee today. Kris and I took the boys out for doughnuts (for them not us) and then to the zoo. It was beautiful. Las Americas for papusas and tacos afterward and then home for naps. Good stuff.

Ivan (4) ran across our (dead end) street to Aron (2) yelling...don't go! He then held his hand as they crossed together and I heard him saying "Good, you didn't die."

Ordered at the drive through today for the boys (not for me) got them each a cheeseburger and "...one small fry" to share. Ivan yelled from the back of the van..."Why did you only get one small fry?" I had to explain that it's one small order of fries, not an individual fry.

I keep hearing little noises from upstairs. I can't be sure but I think either there are elves cleaning up the play room...or there is at least one little boy not napping.


My brother-in-law, Kris, and his middle son, Ivan. They were literally the very last people to cross the finish line. I thought it was pretty cool that Kris didn't take a short-cut or give up on Ivan who was taking his sweet time, but stuck it out to the end. Hopefully, that'll stick in Ivan's memory too.

October 2010

Ivan (4) just punched 9-1-1 into his calculator and had an entire (pretend) conversation with a fireman about his friend's house being on fire.

It's been a while since I took three kids to the grocery store. It will be an even longer while before I do it again.

Ivan (4) on the way to church tonight: "mom, the earth isn't a flat circle. It's a ball." After a comment of affirmation from me he continued..."If God drops it, a lot of houses will get crushed on His floor."

Oh Ivan!

"Dear God, please help aunt Jessica have a baby quick, and please help it not to hurt her. In Jesus Name Amen." Ivan (4), praying for the arrival of his newest cousin tonight.

Aron (3) narrating life: "Once there was upon a time, a special chocolate. And I ate it." Ivan (4) is singing his narration: "I threw away the paper and I sat down on the chair and I want something else."

Aron (3) seemingly out of the blue, in the van tonight said, "Some people don't have any sisters." Ivan (4) responded emphatically, "yeah, and we're one of those people."

Ivan (4): "God knows we're people, but He plays with us like we're balls."

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