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Hurricane Ivan

In September of 2004 a hurricane named Ivan waltzed into the Gulf of Mexico, toppled into Gulf Shores, Alabama and then tip toed across the southern United States and dove off the east coast. Ivan was not through though. He came up for air, headed south and then west across Florida and back into the gulf where he re-acclimated himself with the warm air and twirled himself to Louisiana. He was almost out of gas at that point but it was in Texas where his two step ended and Ivan was no more.

Just over a year later I named my son Ivan.

What was I thinking?

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Kindergarten Is Upon Us

It's time to go buy school supplies and mourn the summer days as gone.

I find it sad to leave summer freedom, while yet so thick into the actual days of summer. Overall the school schedule is great, but I like starting school in September. Actually, I think I would prefer school start in October when it's getting nice and cool. That would be wonderful.

I don't get to choose though and school is definitely starting...like soon.

It is a bit harder watching Ivan start than it was when Owen started. Owen having been to pre-school may have been part of it, but I think it has more to do with the fact that seeing Ivan go, means I'm just that much closer to ALL three of them going and wow. That's a little hard to take.

It's going to be a good year. Ivan is excited and is changing so much. He is showing his aggressive side much more. Which makes me a little nervous as we start school, but I trust he will try very hard to practice self-control. He is also showing his clever side more and more. Little unexpected jokes pop out of his straight face, followed by smirks and knowing looks.

I call him my "Baby Tiger." He is softness and cuteness all fuzzy and cuddly but ready to bare teeth and claws at any moment.


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A Story by Ivan

Ivan loves stories. Today he was drawing a picture and explaining the story behind it to me. I suggested that instead of him trying to write it down letter by letter on the back of his paper as he wanted to do, that we take some pictures and include his story here on his blog.

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Ivan and Aron have both been using echos in their pretend.  This morning I heard Ivan pretending to be Spider Man or something because I heard...

"He got caught in my WEB!, web!, web!"  The sound trailing off as each word was said.

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It's Time

This is going to be interesting.

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