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Ivan the Close Talker

I love to hear Ivan talk. He's full of emphasis and his face lights up when he has something exciting to relate.

Recently he announced to his friend Ethan at church that he was coming to his house. His eyebrows were up into his hairline as he nearly shouted the good news. He was so close to Ethan in his exuberance that Ethan had to back up a bit. Ethan's dad and I laughed a little and both realized at the same time that Ivan is a "close talker."

Ivan's vocabulary is growing but as with any kid, it's more fun to talk about the things he says wrong.

I love it when Ivan tells me that he's going to eat his dinner regardless of the fact that he doesn't like what I've served. He gets a very determined and responsible look and tone and announces..."mommy, I'm going to eat my dinner, even I don't like it."

This morning he told me in the van that he has the hiccups. He explained to me how it all came about by saying, "I was at home and I was upstairs, and I was hiccing up and hiccing up and then I went downstairs and I didn't have hiccups, and then I got in the van and I had hiccups and I was hiccing up and hiccing up again!"


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Just Cute

Yesterday, Ivan walked into the kitchen just before dinner and with a smirk on his face and a very experienced and confident tone he asked, "What's cookin?"


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"I Wike to Sing"

I heard Ivan singing as he marched up the stairs to get dressed this morning.

"Jesus woves me this I know, for the Bible tewws me so...

Next time won't you sing with me...YAY! I wike to sing."

I don't think I've ever heard him voluntarily burst into song like that, so I was so thrilled to hear him singing Jesus Loves Me. Only to be equally humored as he completely switched to the ending of the alphabet song. Oh well. At least he's happy.


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Owen said it first but Ivan picked it up and ran with it. When he tries to emphasize how large something is he will call it "Hunormous!"

Huge and enormous are just not enough on their own I guess.

Ivan is completely convinced of his successes in life. He does not turn back. Since turning the corner with potty-training he has enforced his achievement by insisting that he does not need any help in this area. He is rather put off when I insist on accompanying him to public restrooms and though he often returns from the bathroom at home with his pants and underwear completely backward, he would rather I not assist him in getting dressed.

He is so expressive and it is often easy to read his face for dilemma and concern. However, he is not one to voice his emotion without a lot of reflection first and it is sometimes hard to know what is the source of his troubled looks.

Ivan is the one I am both extremely anxious over and extremely proud of in high stress situations. His ability to weather pain and discomfort astounds me at times, while his sensitivity to emotional bruises often concerns me. I feel such a need to protect his heart, but it is a difficult task to undertake. Prayer is a wonderful covering for mothers to have at our disposal. There are so many things we see in our children, but we can do nothing about on our own. Were it not for the promises of God, His protection, His ministering angels and the sharp and accurate weapon of His Word I would be a basket case. He is a better Father for Ivan than I could ever be a mother and the ability to lay all of my boys at His feet is...HUNORMOUS.


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Heard in the Van

We were on the way to a birthday party where we were told hot dogs would be served. When we told Ivan what was on the menu he was very excited. A few minutes later we heard him proclaim from the back of the van..."Mommy, I get very frustwated to eat hot dogs in buns."

He gets upset and has even cried when he cannot fit the entire hot dog and bun into his mouth to take a bite. I told him that he could eat the hot dog and bun separately and he was happy.

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