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A Happy Birthday

I failed to mention in my previous post that it was my birthday on Saturday, and in addition to getting the aquarium all set up, we had a nice little immediate-family-only birthday party. Mary made me a very tasty cake (lemon cake with strawberry jell-o… more »


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Portable Apps

A guy at work recently told me about Portable Apps, which is a set of programs you can download and run directly off a USB thumb drive or memory card or something (you can even run it off an iPod). The apps have been specially built to run directly off… more »


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Laugh Break Upgrade

For years now, I've had this website called Laugh Break which was one of the first websites I ever created. It was mostly just something to experiment with - I was learning HTML and needed a project, so I decided to make a site with a bunch of those for… more »


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Clean Desk

For whatever reason, life is just a little more stressful when my desk is piled with stuff. So, yesterday, I spend most of the morning sorting through mail and papers and receipts that have been piling up for the better part of a month. It's made the r… more »


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I have upgraded the software that runs our blogs to the newest version. This version has several new features, with which I'm not completely familiar, but I'll take some time to figure it out over the next few weeks if I can, and some things may change… more »

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