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Super Bowl Coaches Share Their Faith

This is definitely worth checking out. The two head coaches of this year's Super Bowl teams (Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears) have teamed up with Athletes In Action to create a website to share their stories and most importantly, th… more »


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The Monthly Update

On Monday, I'm headed back to Boston for the fourth (I think) time since the acquisition. My main objective for this trip is to get to know a particular developer there who has started reporting to me, but I've also got some other meetings and business… more »


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May Day May Day

This afternoon, I'm off to the Boston area again to visit the corporate office and attend some meetings. I've been up there once already since the close of the acquisition, and I don't really have a strong feeling of like or dislike about going. I like… more »


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Rediculous Quote of the Day

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I heard new Titans safety Chris Hope (just signed from Pittsburg) being interviewed on the radio. He said something to the effect of: "First and foremost, I have to give thanks to God, because He has spared me fro… more »


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Rest & the Rest

Man, I was tired last night. Actually, I've been tired for a while now - I guess it started around November 29th, with that whole "we had another baby" thing. I slept pretty well last night, though. Ivan only woke up once to eat so even Mary got to sl… more »

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