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The Fair Tax

There has been talk in President Bush's campaign and in his acceptance speech and other recent speeches about an overhaul to the federal tax system. I hope that one of the changes he is considering is the The Fair Tax. This would be an incredible simpl… more »


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Thank God

Thank God President Bush was re-elected. Thank God that John Kerry had the wisdom to concede rather than drag our country through another legal fight for the presidency. Thank God this election is over. more »


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Last night, someone stole all the Bush / Cheeney 2004 yard signs from our street (including the one in our front yard). Apparently, since our street is a busy road, and almost every house had one, somebody just couldn't take it any longer. Now, if… more »


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Some people use their blogs to make very thoughtful and pointed political statements. Many people have even become somewhat famous or earned some level of credibility for doing so, as demonstrated by the "blogger" credentials being handed out for the De… more »


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George W. Bush just drove by...

I just saw George W. Bush. Ok, I didn't quite see him, I saw his fleet of SUV's, vans, police cars, and ambulances. He just drove by my office, which is near the interstate. Of course, the interstate was completely closed off for miles in both… more »
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