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Super Bowl Coaches Share Their Faith

This is definitely worth checking out. The two head coaches of this year's Super Bowl teams (Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears) have teamed up with Athletes In Action to create a website to share their stories and most importantly, th… more »


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A Great Start

Here's some incredible news to kick off the new year. There's a certain guy (I'll withhold his name) who I had worked with for nearly seven years up until our company was acquired. He was a nice guy, but not a "church" guy, if you know what I mean.… more »


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The Monthly Update

On Monday, I'm headed back to Boston for the fourth (I think) time since the acquisition. My main objective for this trip is to get to know a particular developer there who has started reporting to me, but I've also got some other meetings and business… more »


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If you want to know how many people read your blog, just don't post for a while and see who complains. Yes, I know - it's been over a month. I'm sure Travis will get a little gratification from that fact, since I gave him a hard time when he let his bl… more »


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What Have I Been Doing?

Yeah, I know - I'm getting slack on the updates. It seems like all I write here lately is "Sorry I haven't updated - I've been busy". But it's true. I have been busy. I spent the evening last night upgrading the anti-spam system on my new web / mai… more »

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