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Stepping Out

It's been a long time since I posted anything here, and that's mainly because I have been very consumed for the past couple of months with something that I couldn't speak very publicly about. That is, until today. This morning, I submitted my resigna… more »


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A Great Start

Here's some incredible news to kick off the new year. There's a certain guy (I'll withhold his name) who I had worked with for nearly seven years up until our company was acquired. He was a nice guy, but not a "church" guy, if you know what I mean.… more »


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San Francisco

Earlier this month, I flew to San Francisco for the Business Objects Americas User Conference, which I have attended almost every year since 2000. It used to be the International User Conference, but starting this year they have split it into two confer… more »


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Clean Desk

For whatever reason, life is just a little more stressful when my desk is piled with stuff. So, yesterday, I spend most of the morning sorting through mail and papers and receipts that have been piling up for the better part of a month. It's made the r… more »


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The Monthly Update

On Monday, I'm headed back to Boston for the fourth (I think) time since the acquisition. My main objective for this trip is to get to know a particular developer there who has started reporting to me, but I've also got some other meetings and business… more »

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