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The Monthly Update

On Monday, I'm headed back to Boston for the fourth (I think) time since the acquisition. My main objective for this trip is to get to know a particular developer there who has started reporting to me, but I've also got some other meetings and business… more »


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If you want to know how many people read your blog, just don't post for a while and see who complains. Yes, I know - it's been over a month. I'm sure Travis will get a little gratification from that fact, since I gave him a hard time when he let his bl… more »


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My wife says it's time for an update on my blog. I know - it's been way too long. I'm a slacker. So, here's what's been going on: My trip to Boston was uneventful. I had several meetings and met some more people, and definitely got a little bett… more »


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Sun-N-Fun 2006

It would be very difficult, in words or in pictures, to describe what Sun-N-Fun was like. For what seemed like miles in every direction, there were thousands and thousands of airplanes, ultralights, helicopters, jets, gyroplanes, and pretty much anythin… more »


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Tomorrow, we head to Florida for a week. I'm looking forward to this trip for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that this past year has been a bit stressful, and now that the deal is done at work, I'm ready to relax a little before jumping… more »

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