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Return of the Aquarium

A few months after we moved into this house, I made the decision to pack up all three of my aquariums and put them away for a while. We had lost many of the fish during the moving process (despite my best efforts and a lot of help from Eric during the m… more »


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New Blogs

I finally quit procrastinating (just on this one issue, not in general), and we now have a separate blog for Owen and one for Ivan. That way, Mary and I can better document the development of each of them and keep it all organized in one place for each… more »


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Happy Birthday

My birthday was a couple of months ago, but I just got one of my presents this weekend. My parents had given me a gift certificate, and I decided to use it to get the Canon 200EG Backpack for use with our new camera. Don't worry - I didn't pay the list… more »



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Holiday Photos

We had a great time with my parents and grandmother here this week. They left this morning and I don't think Owen has quite realized that they are not coming back for a while. He acted like they were just going to the store or something, but I'm sure h… more »

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