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Make Shoes While the Sun's Down


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Make Shoes While the Sun's Down

I couldn't sleep the night before last, so I cobbled. I had started these Mini Mary Jane's for Tisra's Adoption Fund and as it seemed impossible to rest I worked on finishing them instead. I got most of it done then and finished off the details yesterday.

I've had the button's I used on these for over 10 years. I used them on a dress I made for Becky when she was pregnant with Grace. There were two left and I have always liked them but never needed them for anything. I have pulled them out now and then for certain projects, shook my head and put them back in the drawer. They were, in my opinion, perfect for these little shoes, so I am glad I kept them.

I did set up my Etsy shop. I have not posted any items for sale yet because I don't want to sell the only Mattie Kate I have. It is promised already, so I want to make sure I have one actually made before posting. I also have some editing to do on the banner and such, but I decided on a name at least and it's all ready to go.

I went with Mary Mary Stationery. Kris asked me which name I would like in three years, and of course I said...ask me in three years. But I took to heart the point, and as I have liked the name Mary Mary Stationery for a long time already, I felt it was a safe bet.

So you can find me at www.marymarystationery.etsy.com but there is nothing much to see.

As much as I would love to sew bunnies all weekend and have three or four to post along with the pattern, I cannot get started until next week. The rest of my week and my weekend are now dedicated to a little mini girls retreat I've planned for the girls in our Sunday school class. Here's the flyer:

It's here at the house so I've been cleaning and preparing what I can. I've got sessions planned, devotions, food and a shopping trip. So...it should be a good time and I'm excited about it. I'll let you know how it goes.


Comment from: Christy [Visitor]
ChristyThe shoes are just darling! Congrats on opening your shop - it's about time :)
The girls' weekend sounds fun. I'm looking forward to the stories.
02/19/09 @ 13:28
Comment from: Tisra Fadely [Visitor]
Tisra Fadely:-)

I'm glad you went with Mary Mary Stationery! I like it!

I wish I had a *baby* girl... those little Mary Jane's are beautiful. Actually, I suppose it's a good thing I don't- now I won't be tempted to steal them. ;-)

Your retreat sounds wonderful. I can't imagine a woman in your group passing it up!
02/19/09 @ 15:00
Comment from: Cheryl [Visitor]
CherylI like the name. It was my favorite. I also agree about the buttons. The shoes are so cute! Makes me even more excited about trying my hand at something in the book this weekend. Have a great time this weekend. We've talked about something similar for our women's ministry at church. I'm looking forward to hearing details.
02/19/09 @ 18:30
Comment from: Amy [Visitor]
AmyThose shoes are too perfect! I really love them.

I think the retreat sounds great too and I love the flyer.
02/19/09 @ 21:13
Comment from: Amber [Visitor]
AmberI absolutely love the shoes. I need to make some!!! Good job!
02/20/09 @ 09:06
Comment from: Angie [Visitor]
AngieOh Mary~ I am blown away! The shoes are fabulous and the retreat sounds like a great time. Have Fun:)
02/20/09 @ 13:10
Comment from: Kevin [Visitor]
Kevin"which name I would like in three years", that was a very "Kris" response.
I don't care about "cute" stuff but those shoes are awesome. I can't believe you made them yourself. You do realize that once my wife sees them she will be begging you to make some for our baby (when we finally have one). And by the way, I don't comment much but Mary Mary Stationery was my favorite.
02/20/09 @ 16:27