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Menu Monday: Last Days of School

We have an odd week this week as the boys are only going to school for three half days. For that reason, I'm trying to plan dinners that are easy, not necessarily quick, but easy and fun to eat.

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Blank Pages

I saw an entry in my mom's journal from 1977, about my aunt feeling down and I knew right away it must have been written soon after my uncle passed away. I backed up, scanning the pages for some reference to an emergency, a phone call, a funeral but I found nothing.

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Menu Monday: Nothing To See Here

It's true. There isn't much here today. I'm not cooking much this week because there are several things going that will have us out of the house in the evenings. Never the less, here is what we will be eating.

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Done With Finishing

"I didn't get anything done." The words hang around me constantly. Nagging "guilt flies" that swarm about my face in irritating flashes of my cluttered scenery.

The dryer door open, clothes half unloaded.

The living room half dusted, fluff and yellow handled duster still lying on the credenza.

The dish drainer half full, soapy water, now cold, and the pots left soaking in it.

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Menu Monday

We have been very much caught up in the little things around here. I like the little things so I'm not complaining. I feel like God is teaching me things I want to blog about, but I can't quite get here to write it all down. No matter. It will come.

We do still eat though. I have made out my menu week after week, but obviously haven't always taken the time to put it here. I may need to simplify my methods. Explanations aren't always necessary. They are fun though. This week we'll try to simplify and we'll only add the things that are going on that day and it may or may not seem obvious as to why I chose the meals I chose.

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