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Workin, Workin, Workin, Workin,Workin, Workin, Workin.

I'm getting ready for dinner and for my first rehearsal for the LNOL (Ladies Night of Laughter). I am in only one live skit this year and I'm pretty pleased about that because I don't have time to do much else. However, I agreed about two days ago to be the MC. I am excited by that prospect. I've been thinking through what to do as the MC. I am going to be a character...a folk singer named Maple Leaf. Today it dawned on me that I could use some of my Friday Limericks. I'm going to sing them. Hopefully it will go over well.

I felt very productive today and yesterday. I am collecting boxes and little by little filling them up. Kris took most of my boxes yesterday but he has less packing time than I do so I'll let him.

Well, dinner is on the table. The boys have eaten most of theirs and Kris should be home in a minute or two. Then I'm off to rehearsal. Not quite as prepared as I'd hoped or as was requested of me, but at least I know my character and have read the script about three times. That's something.

Okay...one last thing before I go. I hope that some of you local readers will mark October 17th on your calendars. It is a Friday night and the evening of the LNOL. You know you enjoy it when you go and there's even childcare up to a certain age. I think it's three. Anyway...I hope you will try to come. It would mean a lot to me...and it's totally FREE.


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Forgetting Those Things...

Ah...the week that would not give in. I have had a full week of no packing. I started out excited and motivated and after several discouraging days of delays, road blocks and interruptions I found myself no further on Saturday than I was on Monday and I was rather downcast. However...I do not have the luxury of giving up and I will just have to start this new week with greater determination and trust that God has open doors for me if I will just look in the right direction at the right time.

So...I am forgetting last week and other things that are behind and pressing on toward the goal.

I am facing a very cluttered calendar in September and October. After next weekend, there is not a weekend in our near future that doesn't hold some sort of challenge or obligation. Some are good obligations, others are not so good. Kris is nearing the end of his project for his current client and will have to work a few weekends in order to implement all the facets of the project. It's very exciting, I think, to see all these last months preparations and organization come to fruition and I pray it all goes smoothly for him and the team he's working with. Kris' mom is coming one of those work weekends, we have a Sunday school/Care Group Leaders retreat one weekend, we have a board of directors retreat another weekend and of course there's the closing and moving that must happen at the end of this month. Kris' grandparents from Tallahassee are coming near here one week, they won't be staying with us. The Night Of Laughter and all it's rehearsals is a big part of the mix and then the real important stuff...BIRTHDAYS. Aron and Owen both have birthdays in the midst of all of the action and I am afraid Owen will be a little disappointed in the reality that he cannot have a big party. Aron's birthday is the same day as our closing on the house so we will combine celebrations that day and invite a few friends to join us for cake and a tour of the new place that evening.

I think it's all going to go just fine...but I cannot take my eye from the goal for a moment. That's difficult for someone like me. I tend to change goals periodically just for fun. But I can do this.


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Limerick Friday

So many choices...should I go political?...A politician some called McPalin...or should I go with the weather?...There once was a storm named Hanna...what to do, what to do.

Maybe since Travis' comment last week left me wondering if he disapproved of my statements, I'll pick on him a little.

There once was a man so true
He was moral and pure through and through
So our eyebrows were raised
That evening he phrased
"The foreskin of a male caribou"

Only a few of you will remember that classic Balderdash moment.

So many things to update on as well. We are a busy household and the week has flown by without much time to report.

Packing is coming along slowly...errands and child-rearing have pre-empted productivity in that department but we have made some progress in the darkest corners. The garage, the laundry room and the master closet are almost ready to go. Tackling those intimidating places first has been our plan so that the rest will seem easy. Of course the kitchen is a larger hurdle but it will wait a little longer since we use it so much.

I will make one political statement that has come about this week. In looking at our presidential candidates I have been somewhat discouraged as to choice. Almost instantly upon hearing the voice of Sarah Palin and realizing that she had been chosen as the running mate for John McCain, I felt relieved. I will not have to hold my nose to vote this election as I previously felt necessary.

Tuesday morning Bible study started up again and though our regular teacher was not available for our first meeting, I am encouraged by subject and content and looking forward to all the new things I will be learning.

U-Haul offers free boxes at all their stores. They have a leave a box/take a box receptacle at each sight in an effort to jump on the "going green" wagon. I'm happy with going green especially if it saves me some green.

Goodwill has some "new" clothes in their stores. Somewhere they will be selling a collection of Lawrence Welk classics on vinyl. I know because I donated them this week.

Last night Owen woke up around 2:30 crying. His ear hurt. He'd had some cold symptoms and some allergy symptoms so it wasn't a surprising outcome to have earache. I don't know if it's a full on infection or not but after a long night, including a trip to Wal-Mart at 4:00 a.m. to get some pain medication (you know it must have been bad for me to resort to that stuff) he is feeling better and even wanted to go to school. I said no. He still says his ear is "blocked from hearing" this morning so I will be watching carefully, but at this point I don't think a trip to the doctor is necessary.

So...a tired and rainy morning we have and I am about to make myself some coffee and just sit and watch the boys play for a little while. They like it when I just sit in the play room with them. I don't have to participate...just be available to "watch this!" and they're good.


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The House

For those interested...here's a link to the house we're planning to move into.


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Limerick Friday

I just had to try a themed day. Amy's blog keeps drawing me in with her interesting topics and fun open house day. I wanted to join the fun. I was sort of joking when I mentioned limerick day but I really do love making limericks. I get stumped now and then but I'd like to see how long I can keep it up. Any names or topics you would like to see limericized will be considered and most likely used.

This week: Fanny

There once was a girl named Fanny
Whose knack for bad moods was uncanny
It wasn’t the rain
Or the clouds that gave pain
But rather the lace in her cranny

Is that too crass?

I'm having a lot of computer trouble today so I'm just excited that I could get on and post. I'm hoping I can post pictures too.

Oh look...I can.

I am in clean out and organize mode because of the impending move. I was able to completely organize my pantry on Saturday and I did my laundry room last week also. I've been cleaning out the crate aisle at Wal-mart because I really like these green and brown file crates they have. They were almost $2.00 cheaper today so I bought three more. Ha! I'm going to need lots of boxes and crates and storage bins. I not only want to move this stuff, I'd like to keep it from being a mess when I get it to the new house. So, yes, I'll be getting cardboard boxes, but I'm also getting clear plastic storage bins for a lot of stuff that goes in closets. I love that sort of thing anyway...it's a win win for everyone but my wallet.

Here's another topic for your comments. Some of you have moved even more than I have and I would love any and all suggestions for making it simpler...from packing, to kids, to meals. I only pick smart friends so I know I'll hear some great stuff.

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