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The House

For those interested...here's a link to the house we're planning to move into.


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Limerick Friday

I just had to try a themed day. Amy's blog keeps drawing me in with her interesting topics and fun open house day. I wanted to join the fun. I was sort of joking when I mentioned limerick day but I really do love making limericks. I get stumped now and then but I'd like to see how long I can keep it up. Any names or topics you would like to see limericized will be considered and most likely used.

This week: Fanny

There once was a girl named Fanny
Whose knack for bad moods was uncanny
It wasn’t the rain
Or the clouds that gave pain
But rather the lace in her cranny

Is that too crass?

I'm having a lot of computer trouble today so I'm just excited that I could get on and post. I'm hoping I can post pictures too.

Oh look...I can.

I am in clean out and organize mode because of the impending move. I was able to completely organize my pantry on Saturday and I did my laundry room last week also. I've been cleaning out the crate aisle at Wal-mart because I really like these green and brown file crates they have. They were almost $2.00 cheaper today so I bought three more. Ha! I'm going to need lots of boxes and crates and storage bins. I not only want to move this stuff, I'd like to keep it from being a mess when I get it to the new house. So, yes, I'll be getting cardboard boxes, but I'm also getting clear plastic storage bins for a lot of stuff that goes in closets. I love that sort of thing anyway...it's a win win for everyone but my wallet.

Here's another topic for your comments. Some of you have moved even more than I have and I would love any and all suggestions for making it simpler...from packing, to kids, to meals. I only pick smart friends so I know I'll hear some great stuff.


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They countered. We countered. They accepted.

We close on the 25th. I've never moved on this scale...I'm a little overwhelmed.


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Zoom, zoom, zoom

Dad drove into town yesterday. His car was loaded with home grown tomatoes. Well, it wasn't exactly loaded but it was enough to keep Becky and I busy all day today. I still haven't sealed the 18 quart of tomato juice and 6 or 8 pints of salsa we prepared. They're in the fridge hoping I'll have time for them tomorrow. I will of course...I have to.

Aron was ferociously crabby today. I could have pointed to several days on the calendar that would have suited me better for his outburst but today it came and today it was dealt with. I had to deal with it more harshly than I like but it finally ceased. For the most part. I don't even know if I dealt with it as harshly as I should have. Swift and serious was not something I was prepared for and it seemed as if he grew more angry and loud the longer I waited to act. I grew more confused as the volume grew more intense. Argh. He's asleep now...all malice is erased.

The really big news is that we put an offer on a house today. It's the same one I mentioned before in Mt. Juliet and we feel very good about it. I'm anxious to hear their response to our offer and I'm sure that all negotiations will be quick and painless. We celebrated at Red Lobster...which wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but still good and made even better by the fact that Grandpa stayed with the boys while we were wheelin' and dealin'.

So...life is speeding along and I'm really enjoying the way the speed feels on my face. I just have to remember to hang on tight and take it all in as fast as I can.


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The Thick

We are into the schedule, in the thick of it I'd say. We are still debating the house situation and I'm determined not to let it get stressful. It's so easy to let something that starts out fun, suddenly become burdensome. Change is not what's hard for me, it's decisions. I have never liked to commit to a certain course lest I somehow find that I was wrong. I don't like to be wrong. I look at this house and I love it but I wonder if I would like the neighbors. Can I interview them and see if I like them before I buy? Will the sloping backyard be a huge deal? I just don't know. That's why I defer all of this to God and ask Him to please tell me what to do.

School is proving to be exactly what I'd hoped for Owen. He loves to go and loves to show me all the fun things he was able to do. He is enjoying the other kids for the most part. He is a little unused to being on the outside, but that will change. Several of the kids go to church together there at First Baptist Mt. Juliet and as they have already formed their friendships he is sometimes excluded from their play. He always speaks positively though, and assures me that he still likes all of them. I think this attitude will serve him well and I try to encourage him to choose to be happy no matter what.

Ivan and I have bonded a little more. I just can't say enough about the little character that is Ivan. He is fun to be around and I only wish I could splash his little sayings and mis-sayings onto my screen for you to enjoy. There are too many to recount them all. I will convey two that he seems to be doing a lot lately. Whenever we are in anything close to a dark or overshadowed place he will say..."mommy, it dawk and 'pooky in dewe." Which, if you can't read Ivan means...it's dark and spooky in there. He also likes to say what he sees along the side of the road. I don't know if any of you remember the movie, "Forget Paris" and the scene where Billy Crystal's character is driving around town with his father-in-law, listening to him read the signs as they pass them, but that is exactly what this makes me think of. From the seat behind me I hear Ivan's little voice repeating..."mailbox, mailbox, mailbox, sign, mailbox, sign, sign, fwag (flag), fwag, sign, sign, sign, mailbox, mailbox..." you get the idea.

Aron is learning and growing and will be 11 months on Monday. This seems unreal, but indeed he is almost a year old. I am predicting that he will follow in the path of his brothers and wait to start walking until at least 15 months. He may surprise me, but at this point...I doubt it. He is still not climbing the stairs. Does God like me or what?

I did a little craft project last week. I was going to wait to post pictures until I had it hung on the wall but who knows when that will be. So I'll just post my little ARON art now. I have purchased a shelf to hang on the wall and place these on...

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