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Finding Money

I'm in Michigan right now. I've been up here since late Sunday night, or more accurately early yesterday morning. My sisters and I ventured here to tackle a big job.

Our mother passed away nearly three years ago and though we have gone through a lot of her things there are still areas around the house storing projects unfinished and items unused. There are boxes of old cards and letters, shelves and shelves of canning jars, all sorts of small appliances and gadgets that must be looked at, reminisced over and then either treasured, tossed or tagged for a yard sale. It's a big dirty job but we are here determined to do it and though we are constantly interrupted by the five kids we brought with us we have made progress.

I have, in fact, found a few treasures that have made my day. Upon finding a couple of boxes marked with my name I have sorted through the silly Junior High and High School notes and keepsakes to find a few cards and envelopes seemingly unopened. One such envelope contained $6.00 I had set aside to pay my annual Joint MYF (Mennonite Youth Fellowship) dues, while another envelope held a card from a nice family at church who had given me $10.00 for my graduation. I love finding money...as some of you know...I like to hide a few dollars in my winter coat pocket when I put it away in the Spring, just so I can find it again when I pull it out in the Fall. A poor investment I know, but I'm the homemaker, not the breadwinner...I invest in good morale.


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The Yard

I like my yard. I love driving up to my house and seeing the grass cut and trimmed. I like the three big Maple trees in the front that truly tower over the house and almost entirely shade the front lawn. I like to mow my yard and see the tracks the mower leaves behind. My back yard is equally shaded with two Maples of our own and about 4 or 5 overhanging branches from the trees of our neighbors behind us. I have three forsithia bushes and a lilac as well as honeysuckle growing up along the fence in the back. I have numerous other bushes that I have no idea what they are but they keep the yard looking lively and healthy. My dad planted a little Dogwood tree as well. It's only about 4 feet tall right now but its leaves are green and healthy and it looks like it will be a great little tree. Dad planted it last fall after Owen was born. Sort of as a gift to the little guy.

The yard isn't the only thing I like about this place but it's one of the things I feel somewhat proud of when it's all trimmed and green. I enjoy working in my yard because it rewards me daily. Even on rainy days when I don't leave the house at all except to go to the mail box I love watching the wind move the branches and the rain pound through the leaves. Our Maples are "Silver Maples", just before a storm comes the wind turns the leaves over to reveal a pale green that looks silver from a distance. I do like "Sugar Maples" with all their color in the Fall a little better, but I will not complain about my stately trees. I can lie on my couch and look out the picture window and see nothing but green from all the trees in our neighborhood.

There's something about that outdoor green that makes me feel healthy. I hope that as time goes on I can spend more time outside as Owen grows and more children come along. I want my kids to spend time outside working, playing and learning. I'd like to grow things, plant seeds and harvest them. I'll need a bigger yard for all of this but that will come in time.

This has been my way of talking myself into getting up off my desk chair, out of the air-conditioning and into the heat to mow my yard.


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I really hate it when I have something on my mind but I can't talk about it. Whether it's good or bad I mull over it and ponder till I'm blue in the face but there's a line around certain subjects that cannot be crossed with an open mouth. Usually it's something that's going to happen or may happen depending on circumstances. I'm sure it's good for me to "control my tongue" but I don't enjoy it. Why is this a big deal? I like to know what other people think for one thing. I am actually interested in almost any opinion I hear. I don't always agree, sometimes I think it's downright stupid, but I enjoy hearing someone else's take on things. Sometimes it just gives me more to think about...and I really enjoy thinking. So to sum up...I like to think, talk about it, hear what someone else thinks and then think some more.

on another subject
I can hear Owen playing with his Grandma in the other room. His innocent little babble is echoed every now and then by her and I can just see him enjoying it. His grin is absolutely heart melting (of course I think so, I'm his mother...if you have another opinion you'd like me to think about you're welcome to give it, but I'll tell you right now...I think it's downright stupid). I can hear him looking for me now. He's crawling but doesn't quite know where to go and I can hear him trying to address me in the afore mentioned babble...ooh...I just heard "ma-ma"! I'm sure it was an accident. What do you think?


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Looking Forward

I have always had trouble looking at the moment. I don't enjoy what I have to do. I love to look forward and think about what could be done, I even enjoy the thought of doing those things myself. The future tends to sneak up on me and usually ends up biting me from behind as I realize that the moment when doing should have started is past.

Today has a lot of doing to be done. I am not going to write a lot here because...I must be the doer, and I must begin this morning.

Kris' mom is coming into town tomorrow morning and I need to get her room ready, a few meals planned and general clean up done around the house. The great thing about Kris' mom...well one of the great things...is that she isn't picky. She has never even hinted that I'm not a good housekeeper and she makes herself at home here without making me feel like I'm not meeting her needs in some way. I appreciate that. Owen has only improved this situation as she is so wrapped up in his attention that she could really care less about anything else. It's great. The fact that she doesn't complain has always made me want to try harder to please her. There is, I think, a bit of wisdom to be gained from that.


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My New Blog

Well...here we are. Blogging. I'm a Blogger. I Blog.

I have always enjoyed writing. I'm not great at it, but I enjoy putting thoughts on paper, or monitor as it were.

I think the popularity of Blogging is that ever present need we all are born with to "know and be known" we aren't just curious about others, we genuinely have a need to know other people. We also have a need to be known. Everyone gets this need met in different ways. Some people say who they are and some people just live who they are. I've always been more of a "sayer". I am not an incessant talker but I enjoy the sport very much.

I prefer writing. Writing allows me to express myself without some of the pitfalls of talking. Yes, I can still stick my foot in my mouth with a keyboard, but the chances are lowered considerably. I can edit myself and try to be as concise as possible. It doesn't always work and I don't always get my point across, but then...maybe that's communicating more about me than what I was trying to say anyway.

All of that said. This blog will be about me and my oh so interesting everyday life but I will more than likely write more about Owen my 7 month old son than anything else. He's just so darn cute!

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