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Why Not?

My friends have blogs...I enjoy reading blogs...why not join the fun?

Kris just e-mailed me and had set one up for himself and asked if I wanted one too. I had thought about blogging before but never took the time to set it up so...since he was offering, I took him up on it.

This being my first entry I feel I should somehow introduce myself...but I'm in the middle of something else...so you'll have to wait.


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Sleeveless Cape

Take a boiled wool square ( 120X120 and 140x140 between , it depends on the initial width ) .
- Fold in 4 ( in length and in width ) . The result is a square between 60X60 and 70X70 cm depending on the size of the base square .
- From one of the points , draw a circle the same diameter as the side of the square . Let me explain, if the square measures 60 cm square , draw a circle 60 cm in diameter. It gives a nice rounded .
- From the same point, draw a circle 10 cm in diameter.
- Cut the following two tracks, one obtains a hollow circle in the middle (to move the arm and put the cape ) !

translated from this site: le marche' eclectique


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MOPS Ideas

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