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My Everything

I see so many quotes, articles, messages, letters, all sorts of beautiful words to say how important someone is to someone else.

I understand it's important to communicate these things. I understand how heartfelt and sincere everyone is.

I can't join in though. I just can't.

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Circular Breathing

I remember someone saying to me that there are some musicians and singers who have trained themselves in circular breathing. Inhaling while they are still pushing out notes. It's not easy, and it's not natural.

I was never able to do it. I really didn't know how.

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Feed Your Blessings

Sitting in my usual spot on the back porch I'm amazed as my stillness allows the presence of tiny winged creatures to buzz nearer to me than I am accustomed. These colorful fellows and subdued dames with long beaks and fragile frames dart in and out of my shaded sanctuary almost all day long in pursuit of nectar.

They never used to do this.

I never, ever saw them in my backyard or anywhere near the house.

It started a couple months ago when I did something I'd never done before.

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Helper, the Friendly Lion

Summer break is officially over. Friday was the first day of school for our boys. It was a big day, a big weekend and a big joy.

My fun loving, social boy, Aron, has been ready for school for months and months. He's been chomping at the bit to go, absolutely in tears over the idea that he had to stay home and wanting nothing more than to be doing what his brothers are doing.

Finally, it was time. Thursday I asked him, "Aron, can you believe it's actually happening? You get to go to school tomorrow!"

He didn't look at me, just held my hand, looked straight ahead and changed the subject.

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Summer Break

I wasn't planning to do this, but today I decided to take a summer break too. The boys had their last day of school last week and it has been go, go, go ever since.

Things we didn't plan on, things we didn't plan for, things happen. Things happen fast.

I've decided not to look for things to do, but to look for things to remember. So, I'm taking my hands off the keyboard for a bit and I'll let the stories happen around me. the stories are out there. Who knows what we'll find if we're all looking together.

No blogging (though I will still be writing as I need to), no facebook lurking (though I'm sure I'll have some of their material to share now and then), none of those things for a while. Just here at home, present with them for the summer. Or at least for the time they are home.

There will be karate days, time at the pool, VBS, Kids camp and other things that occupy them, but I am convinced that taking a summer break isn't just something they will do this year, it's something I am going to do too.

Just for a while. Thank you to those who read here and I promise to come back soon.

- Mary

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