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The Practice of Obedience

I knew he wanted to sit in the front seat and there were no cars waiting on us at the car line drop off, so I suggested he get out now and move up to the passenger seat beside me. Instead of obeying, he lingered, looking at the cars behind us, distrust… more »


Faith Comes by Hearing

I took the new black nylon diamond out of the back of my van hoping the wind would sustain it. Aron ran along beside me mostly disinterested in kite flying when there was a playground within sight. I wasn't trying to test his patients but I wanted to… more »


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Followed by Mercy

In a matter of minutes I was presented with two scenarios, I am either a poor example of protection and security over my children, or a rich one. more »


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My Everything

I see so many quotes, articles, messages, letters, all sorts of wordy ways to say how important someone is to someone else. I understand it's important to communicate these things. I understand how heartfelt and sincere everyone is. I can't jo… more »


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Helper, the Friendly Lion

Summer break is officially over. Friday was the first day for of school for our boys. It was a big day, a big weekend and a big joy. My fun loving, social boy, Aron, has been ready for school for months and months. He's been chomping at the bit to… more »

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