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You Can Do Something

Maybe you've heard some of these before. "This guy is whack!" "Ignore him." "She's never going to change." "If she won't work, she shouldn't eat." "You just can't help people like that." But you can. This morning I read this... "… more »


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To Wet a Match

Like so many of you, I've been reeling from the horrifying ISIS stories coming through my news feed. I look at the photos and weep, because these are my brothers and sisters and they are no less worthy of protection, of freedom or of comfort than I am,… more »


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The Entrepreneur's Wife

When I married Kris I knew a few things he didn't know. I knew that he could do more than he thought he could, and I knew that he would start a business. He had no desire to start a business and told me so, but I knew he would anyway. There wer… more »


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Quivers, Arrows and Straight Shots

On Father's Day I posted on facebook that my best parenting decision, aside from my choice to follow Christ, was marrying my husband Kris. I meant that, and this past week reinforced that idea in my head. It seemed that Psalm 127 was quoted numerou… more »


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To Worship at Your Feet

"Ugh....where's the instruments? Why can't I hear anything but the alto on the worship team? Why is it so bad? It's nothing but drums and alto...seriously...drums and alto? I am trying so hard Lord, I'm trying to worship, it's not the song, it's not… more »

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