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The Entrepreneur's Wife

When I married Kris I knew a few things he didn't know. I knew that he could do more than he thought he could, and I knew that he would start a business. He had no desire to start a business and told me so, but I knew he would anyway. There wer… more »


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Well, I Think...

Truth is interested in Love. In perpetuating God into our individual circumstances and watching us walk out the Word in confidence and joy. *I see them, and I WANT to say something. I want to correct it, to… more »


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Moms Are Amazing

I know that title may sound a little like I'm tooting my own horn...because I'm a mom too...but I am really thinking of the moms I've observed over the years, mostly those who've walked the path ahead of me and seemed to navigate the snap back curves a… more »


This is My Story

Blessed Assurance: Jesus is Mine. I knew the words, but the assurance took some years to master. Jesus was always mine, but knowing how much I could have was a clouded sky. Oh what a foretaste of glory divine. Setting foot outside the door o… more »


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Nothing Worse

What is more horrible than feeling unloved? What is more awful than being ignored, ridiculed or rejected? What is more empty than loneliness? There is something. I sat still today and thought. I thought about how hard it is to react rightly… more »

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