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Quivers, Arrows and Straight Shots

On Father's Day I posted on facebook that my best parenting decision, aside from my choice to follow Christ, was marrying my husband Kris. I meant that, and this past week reinforced that idea in my head. It seemed that Psalm 127 was quoted numerou… more »


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The Reasons

Eric spoke of the trial of inconvenience and the faltering steps of ministry. “…something comes up and all you want to do is go home and have a cheeseburger or go to a Target and pick up dental floss without having to factor in a six hour drive in both… more »


Little Is Much When God is In It

I sat in church Sunday morning in Michigan, watching a video of work being done in Haiti, work I wasn't there to do, work I seemingly had little to do with. As I heard the songs I remembered my brother calling me and asking for some suggestions for mus… more »


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Bean and Bacon Soup

Im out of town...when i get back I'm going to tell you about a bowl of bean and bacon soup that literally changed my life. more »


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The Day I was Boo Hooing at a McDonalds In India

I don't know that I can tell this story well, but I'm going to try. It seems that I should. It's not one story, it may be many. I know that it encompasses at least two within it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are many stories that rise up, mor… more »

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