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"I can see the sun moving!" Owen caught the yellow glare of it in streaks climbing the porch rail surrounded by shadow. "It started here and has moved all the way up here already." "Wouldn't it be neat if we had a camera that would capture it all d… more »


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I sat with him, stroking his thick brown hair, running my fingers up and down his arm...long, but small at this beginning of awkward size he has reached at 10. He was home, sick, today and asked for a movie, not just a movie though...he wanted me t… more »


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Followed by Mercy

In a matter of minutes I was presented with two scenarios, I am either a poor example of protection and security over my children, or a rich one. more »


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My Everything

I see so many quotes, articles, messages, letters, all sorts of wordy ways to say how important someone is to someone else. I understand it's important to communicate these things. I understand how heartfelt and sincere everyone is. I can't jo… more »


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Tuesday Refreshment

I know it's Friday, but I want to talk about Tuesday for a minute. The boys and I had such a refreshing dinner Tuesday evening. Two of the little guys had field day at school and that means Aron and I had field day too. Aron joined right in the com… more »

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