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Little Lawn Mower

I went green for my lawn. I needed a small lawn mower so I could work on my lawn myself and not have to call someone every time it needs a basic run through. With the problems I'd had with my back and the very steep hill we have in our back yard, I… more »


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Followed by Mercy

In a matter of minutes I was presented with two scenarios, I am either a poor example of protection and security over my children, or a rich one. more »


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Feed Your Blessings

Sitting in my usual spot on the back porch I'm amazed as my stillness allows the presence of tiny winged creatures to buzz nearer to me than I am accustomed. These colorful fellows and subdued dames with long beaks and fragile frames dart in and out of… more »


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Dry Erase Menu Board Tutorial

Did I really need a new dry erase menu board? Well, not if you define need as "wouldn't survive without," but if you saw the old might call it a need too. Here's the menu board I've been using. It's fine really, it does the job.… more »


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I Would Love to Tuck Some Things Away in Here

I must visit this store, Louisville Modern Antiques. more »

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