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Photography Challenge

Christy's blog held a challenge to take some photo's along the line of her latest assignments. I love taking pictures so I thought I'd take a swing at it. In truth though...I didn't take these based on the assignment. I took them a lot earlier and am… more »


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Sewing Party

Tonight the doorbell will ring to announce the coming of friends. I so enjoy hosting our "Sewing Party". We won't be a big crowd tonight but enough for good conversation. It's seafood night. We usually pick some sort of theme for our dinner and each… more »


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Funky Sunburn

I never used to sunburn. I spent most of my childhood outdoors and my skin remained in a state of tan year-round. In Michigan it is possible to get sunburn but I didn't lay out in the sun to get my tan, I just played and worked outdoors and built up a… more »


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All Done

I cut the grass, swept off the sidewalk and entrances as well as the entire back black-top area where we used to park. The last storm blew a lot of sticks and little twigs and leaves everywhere so it looked as if that back lot was carpeted with debree.… more »


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We own two houses. I am pulling weeds in flower beds at the new house today. I'll go out in the heat with gloves on because the black mulch would stain my hands. It's going to look so good when it's done. They had someone plant some very nice flowers… more »

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