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Christmas is rolling in like a storm. I love it. I really do. I do get a little overwhelmed at this point though. It's not that I've planned too much it's that I can't keep very much straight in my head. I have to have three lists just to keep mysel… more »


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All Done

I cut the grass, swept off the sidewalk and entrances as well as the entire back black-top area where we used to park. The last storm blew a lot of sticks and little twigs and leaves everywhere so it looked as if that back lot was carpeted with debree.… more »


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We own two houses. I am pulling weeds in flower beds at the new house today. I'll go out in the heat with gloves on because the black mulch would stain my hands. It's going to look so good when it's done. They had someone plant some very nice flowers… more »


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First Band-Aid

Owen is wearing his first Band-Aid. He never complained and I don't know how long he had been going around with a sliver in his left hand, but there it was this afternoon with a little puffy red circle around it. He probably got it while crawling aroun… more »


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The Yard

I like my yard. I love driving up to my house and seeing the grass cut and trimmed. I like the three big Maple trees in the front that truly tower over the house and almost entirely shade the front lawn. I like to mow my yard and see the tracks the mo… more »

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