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Back In Action...I Hope

Amber and I had such a good time sewing together the other night and discussed the revival of our Sewing Party that seemed to fizzle out last winter. It had gone on for so long and seen so many good times that it broke my heart thinking about it almost… more »


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Limerick Friday

It is Limerick Friday again and in honor of the fast approaching holiday I give you Young Elliott's Woes. Hear the tale of young Elliott Hocking Who remembers a Christmas quite shocking His sins were laid bare By the gifts that weren't there And t… more »


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Sewing Party

Tonight the doorbell will ring to announce the coming of friends. I so enjoy hosting our "Sewing Party". We won't be a big crowd tonight but enough for good conversation. It's seafood night. We usually pick some sort of theme for our dinner and each… more »