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The Adventure Continues

I did manage to accomplish a small project yesterday. I posted it on my Girls In Stitches site and I'm quite pleased. The only missing component on this wall hanging organizer is a way to hang it. I am thinking I can just stitch little loops on the ba… more »


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Limerick Friday

We've been marching along in hopes of pounding out some great times among the wiles and woes of the world. Existence is not all we are offered and I'm making good on my share in the joy bin. I could get pretty discouraged if I listened too long to th… more »


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Back In Action...I Hope

Amber and I had such a good time sewing together the other night and discussed the revival of our Sewing Party that seemed to fizzle out last winter. It had gone on for so long and seen so many good times that it broke my heart thinking about it almost… more »