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Menu Monday: Homemade Pizza Dough

My back issues have lessened a bit. I am still going to the chiropractor and still working on it here at home with rest and walking. Sitting feels good now, so the temptation is to sit more, but getting up again is when I realize it was a bad idea. S… more »



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One More Day

2011 is passing into history and we are enjoying the sunshine. Having just arrived home last night from a great trip to Florida, in which we celebrated birthdays, Christmas and family, I am contentedly tired. I peacefully slept in my own bed last… more »


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A Visit

Last month we had visitors from Florida brighten our space. This was one of my favorite parts: more »


True to Life Tuesday: A Look at October

Why did October seem to last only a week? It has been the shortest month on record. As many of you know I pride myself somewhat in my ability to say "no" to the many requests for time and service asked of me. In fact...I'm not so proud to admit t… more »

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