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Ms. Nelson is Missing

Once upon a time there was a beautiful teacher named Patricia Nelson. She had thick dark hair and eyes, a bright smile that produced dimples on her cheeks and sparkles in her eyes. She was slender and seemed confident just by the way she carried herse… more »


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Rising to a Smile: Ms. Nelson Part 2

I realize now that Ms. Nelson didn't just love her students. It wasn't simply her care and attention that made her memorable to us. She seemed to have an ability to challenge us that made us do things we didn't know we could do. I loved every afterno… more »


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Dads with Dented Fenders

I was at Kroger getting gas when a silver mini-van pulled up at the pump next to me. Before I saw the driver, I saw the dent. It looked like it had been hit pretty good, and then, to save some money, had been banged out to a useable shape. It was pro… more »


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What I'm Chasing in 2015

This hasn't been our best year. Really. Financially, emotionally, relationally, a whole pile of "not our finest" moments. Yet... I'm convinced that years like 2014 are essential. They are the interruptions that make us better, they are not defining… more »


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A Lamp Unto My Feet

With a dozen fresh cinnamon rolls in hand, we piled out of the car to deliver them to expecting friends. The lights on their house made it very clear how to get to their front door and the side walk stretched welcoming from the driveway where each of m… more »

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