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Rising to a Smile: Ms. Nelson Part 2

I realize now that Ms. Nelson didn't just love her students. It wasn't simply her care and attention that made her memorable to us. She seemed to have an ability to challenge us that made us do things we didn't know we could do. I loved every afterno… more »


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Blank Pages

I saw an entry in my mom's journal from 1978, about my aunt feeling down and I knew right away it must have been written soon after my uncle passed away. I backed up, scanning the pages for some reference to an emergency, a phone call, a funeral but I… more »


Little Is Much When God is In It

I sat in church Sunday morning in Michigan, watching a video of work being done in Haiti, work I wasn't there to do, work I seemingly had little to do with. As I heard the songs I remembered my brother calling me and asking for some suggestions for mus… more »


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Bean and Bacon Soup

Im out of town...when i get back I'm going to tell you about a bowl of bean and bacon soup that literally changed my life. more »


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Early In the Morning...

Sunday our congregation sang Holy, Holy, Holy. One of the classics. The first song in the Baptist Hymnal, number 5 in the Mennonite Hymnal (The red one, it's number 120 in the blue one)... Maybe I do know a little too much about hymnals. ...and… more »

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