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If I could empty the contents of my soul show you the pieces of my heart You would see how tiny a flaw led to the scar I made If you were to look at all the good the gems of my character the best of my passions you might be inclined… more »


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Limerick Friday

So punctual was Idabelle Fox She atomic clocks Socks more »


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Limerick Friday

At the beach was where Rachel McFann Let the first boy she met hold her hand Her date slyly asked her Which would fade faster Her love or the lines from her tan? more »


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Limerick Friday

There was something odd about Theodore And not something small one could just ignore Just to hear from his brain He seemed perfectly sane But to look, one must notice his pinafore more »


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Limerick Friday

What would have become of old Theodore, Had his wife not been wearing her pinafore? If not, poor Theo would be no more. more »

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