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Is it Wednesday Already?

We are enjoying a full week at the Kelso house. Having decorated for Christmas on Friday, because of a Christmas party here on Saturday, I am just enjoying the warm and twinkly feel in the house. Even with a schedule full of errands and activities, I'… more »


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For I Wait on Thee

Psalm 25:21 Sometimes the road has climbs that don't make sense. There are valleys that seem out of place considering our quest. The wide and accommodating makes more sense and the level and paved road is much more appealing. I am amazed a… more »


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Mary Mary Stationery has been busy in December. Not exactly making money, but busy making gifts. I made personalized note cards for the nieces and nephews this year and one for Owen's teacher and one for me too, because I just felt like it, that's why.… more »


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Merry Merry Stationery

Anyone need Christmas cards this season?You don't have to buy them from can get them from me directly. I have four printed designs and in two weeks will have a few fabric cards to choose from as well. more »


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Rainy Day Inspiration

Owen's school, like most schools I would imagine, always has something going on. It is all good stuff but I am unable to participate in all of it. I would be quite done in I'm afraid. This coming weekend is probably the biggest event of the school yea… more »

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