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The Reasons

Eric spoke of the trial of inconvenience and the faltering steps of ministry. “…something comes up and all you want to do is go home and have a cheeseburger or go to a Target and pick up dental floss without having to factor in a six hour drive in both… more »


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The Day I was Boo Hooing at a McDonalds In India

I don't know that I can tell this story well, but I'm going to try. It seems that I should. It's not one story, it may be many. I know that it encompasses at least two within it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are many stories that rise up, mor… more »


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Kelso Christmas Letter

This is the letter I would have put in our Christmas cards this year. I thought I'd save a couple trees, but not all of them. I still sent some cards (I bought a pack of 50...if you didn't get one it's because I have too many cousins), I just didn't pr… more »


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Leaning - Part 1 of 3

leaning on aron's kneeI am responsible to make him someone able to support others (myself in my old age)I am responsible to make him someone who desires to support others.I am responsible to make myself someone he desires to supportLeaning on… more »


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India Part 6 - Tourists

The last part of our trip was spent as a group of tourists. We packed everything up Sunday morning and climbed on the bus for a four hour drive to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. The trip there was full of interesting sights. Monkey's on the side of the ro… more »

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