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Steadying the Ark

I've been listening to a sermon from last weekend about order. It's a revelation to me. I've always believed that God is a God of order. This sermon laid it out in front of me in perfect timing. I was struggling. Struggling to believe I could… more »


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Start at the Stable

Like many of you, I was not born thankful. It's not a genetic trait that can be passed on from generation to generation. It has to be taught, it is learned in many ways, and it isn't something we can simply define and then apply. more »


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One More Day

2011 is passing into history and we are enjoying the sunshine. Having just arrived home last night from a great trip to Florida, in which we celebrated birthdays, Christmas and family, I am contentedly tired. I peacefully slept in my own bed last… more »


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Kelso Christmas Letter

This is the letter I would have put in our Christmas cards this year. I thought I'd save a couple trees, but not all of them. I still sent some cards (I bought a pack of 50...if you didn't get one it's because I have too many cousins), I just didn't pr… more »


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Each toy was neatly packed into place. They were well used but not broken and though the paint was rubbed off here and there, they still had a brightness to them that spoke unmistakably of care. She carried them to the kitchen in preparation for her gu… more »