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Faith Comes by Hearing

I took the new black nylon diamond out of the back of my van hoping the wind would sustain it. Aron ran along beside me mostly disinterested in kite flying when there was a playground within sight. I wasn't trying to test his patients but I wanted to… more »


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Tiny Tin Can Topiary Tutorial

Been making stuff again. This is actually one of the simplest things ever and could easily be a child's craft. It literally took five minutes to do the basics of this thing. It would take a child longer, and you'd have to do the glue gun part, but st… more »



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Tiptoe Through

My friend Heather is a remarkable talent. Her eye for peaceful colors, environments and vignettes is very, very keen. She recently posted a photo on facebook of a small table display that included a tall glass vase with dirt in the bottom and white tu… more »


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Dry Erase Menu Board Tutorial

Did I really need a new dry erase menu board? Well, not if you define need as "wouldn't survive without," but if you saw the old might call it a need too. Here's the menu board I've been using. It's fine really, it does the job.… more »

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