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The other day I was mentally scanning the last several months and how there are so many uncertainties. We live day to day, we know God has a plan and even a prize around the corner, but we don't always know if the next step is the right step, or if the… more »


Faith Comes by Hearing

I took the new black nylon diamond out of the back of my van hoping the wind would sustain it. Aron ran along beside me mostly disinterested in kite flying when there was a playground within sight. I wasn't trying to test his patients but I wanted to… more »


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A Room With a Shoe

As long as there are feet, as long as there are back-packs, coats and karate belts, as long as all boys need to shed whatever burden they carry upon entering a building, there should be mudrooms. Our house didn't have one. Special thanks to Sherri… more »



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Menu Monday

I've decided to do something that might be helpful. It might be embarrassing (to me), but it might also bring a little comfort. I'm going to start posting our weekly menu for the Kelso house. I don't expect anyone to jump for joy, but I do… more »

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