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Sacred Winner!

Well, after a little hiccup with my connection to the internet, I got the names printed, cut, folded neatly and tossed into a bowl. Aron was the envy of his older brothers who insisted that they've "never got to do it!" which just isn't true...… more »


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Sacred Giveaway

I put a book on my Amazon wish list a few years ago that I chose for it's intriguing title and tag line. It became mine once upon a Christmas and I read a few chapters and gave it to someone else who was dealing with some issues it covered. I then rep… more »


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Squiggly Winner!

Ivan drew a name at 5:00 and it was Becky Bowen! Congratulations Becky! (for those of you who know Becky and I, I promise I would never rig a drawing to let my sister win. If she needed a book that bad, I would give her mine, or buy her one, or som… more »


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A Squiggly Give-Away!

Yesterday I got a copy of Squiggly's Race to the Ark, specifically to give away on my blog. I'm excited to offer this to you. It will make a great addition to your child's library or can be used as a gift. I wrote all about the book on my last po… more »