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Done With Finishing

"I didn't get anything done." The words hang around me constantly. Nagging "guilt flies" that swarm about my face in irritating flashes of my cluttered scenery. The dryer door open, clothes half unloaded. The living room half dusted, fluff a… more »


Home Remedies: Keeping the Mirror Clean

I like her. That girl in the picture is the me I've let myself be. Maybe she isn't what I thought she'd be, and she certainly doesn't look like I intended her to look, but I like her now that I've cleaned the mirror again. "For now we are looking… more »


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Home Remedies: Let the Wind Blow Through

emotions are like smells...they linger get rid of them as soon as possible, vent, open window etc. more »


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Home Remedies: Sweeping It Under the Rug

We don't have time to argue and debate, or maybe we don't have the strength for one more conversation on a belabored topic, maybe we just don't want to, so we have to put it somewhere. The dust we stir up is just tangible enough to drive us from the room and we often don't come back until it's settled again to the floor and then we can walk over it or even better, we can sweep it under the rug. Sadly, I think most couples, most families, don't go anywhere. The other day I was sweeping the floor near our front door and had to move the rug to sweep out from under it. I th… more »