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Little Is Much When God is In It

I sat in church Sunday morning in Michigan, watching a video of work being done in Haiti, work I wasn't there to do, work I seemingly had little to do with. As I heard the songs I remembered my brother calling me and asking for some suggestions for mus… more »


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The Adventure of Stillness

Adventure: –noun a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome. I'm not typically very adventurous. I don't like risk. I like steady, calm and faithful. I like having fun, I am somewhat curious and I enjoy spontaneity a… more »


Limerick Friday

The Saturday sunshine and air brought sweet fragrance to Abigail's hair but the next day that came caused poor Abby to claim "Sunday rain is completely unfair." Ah. I'm comfortable. I have had trouble with my computer screen. I use a laptop and… more »


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Limerick Friday

My Brother and other relationtook a trip but not a vacationThey loaded a rigfor a goodwill gigand they called it the Haitian Sensation more »


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Limerick Friday

Two girls named Tia and KatieOne a child, and one a young lady,When the earth gave wayand the world kneeled to pray,made us all feel our hearts beat for HaitiI have not written anything here about our connection to Haiti. Facebook has been a… more »

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