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Tuesday Refreshment

I know it's Friday, but I want to talk about Tuesday for a minute. The boys and I had such a refreshing dinner Tuesday evening. Two of the little guys had field day at school and that means Aron and I had field day too. Aron joined right in the com… more »


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Menu Monday: Last Days of School

We have an odd week this week as the boys are only going to school for three half days. For that reason, I'm trying to plan dinners that are easy, not necessarily quick, but easy and fun to eat. Monday - Cheesy Potatoes We'll layer potatoes with ch… more »


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Menu Monday: Nothing To See Here

It's true. There isn't much here today. I'm not cooking much this week because there are several things going that will have us out of the house in the evenings. Never the less, here is what we will be eating. Monday - Left-Overs (There are three… more »


Menu Monday

We had a great week in Florida and I ate some things I shouldnta ate. I ate some good stuff too though. I made these... ...the week before I left, and they were pretty much awesome. I made them in Florida too. I couldn't find my mother-in-law's mu… more »


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Menu Monday: Homemade Pizza Dough

My back issues have lessened a bit. I am still going to the chiropractor and still working on it here at home with rest and walking. Sitting feels good now, so the temptation is to sit more, but getting up again is when I realize it was a bad idea. S… more »

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