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Tiny Tin Can Topiary Tutorial

Been making stuff again. This is actually one of the simplest things ever and could easily be a child's craft. It literally took five minutes to do the basics of this thing. It would take a child longer, and you'd have to do the glue gun part, but st… more »


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Menu Monday: Homemade Pizza Dough

My back issues have lessened a bit. I am still going to the chiropractor and still working on it here at home with rest and walking. Sitting feels good now, so the temptation is to sit more, but getting up again is when I realize it was a bad idea. S… more »


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Dry Erase Menu Board Tutorial

Did I really need a new dry erase menu board? Well, not if you define need as "wouldn't survive without," but if you saw the old might call it a need too. Here's the menu board I've been using. It's fine really, it does the job.… more »


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Start at the Stable

Like many of you, I was not born thankful. It's not a genetic trait that can be passed on from generation to generation. It has to be taught, it is learned in many ways, and it isn't something we can simply define and then apply. more »


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Where I Left My Hat

It seems I have been out for a while. I wonder sometimes if I'll ever get back here and put these pages back on and if the words will still fit. I assume they will, but I need to find my hat. Not a literal hat, more of a literary one. My writing hat… more »

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