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Young Warrior

Owen is asleep on the couch. He is in such a stage of growth and maturity right now. His 7 years are strained by the wisdom he displays at times. He often melts my heart with his insights and concern for others.

Other times he just acts goofy and I know he's not ready to move out on his own any time soon.

Today I watched him calm my frustration. His poor tummy had him all twisted up and I had no idea he was sick until he came pummeling up the front steps and threw himself against the front door unable to open it fast enough and crying loudly enough for me to hear him and run to his aid. I got the door open and was able to almost finish the sentence, "What's wrong?" when he stuck his head as far into the foyer as possible and "spilled the graham crackers" all over my floor.

I was stunned. I knew that I should feel bad for him, that he probably needed some sympathy, but all I could say was, "It's okay to do that in the grass, you know."

I spent the next 20 minutes mopping up, wiping down, and inspecting everything within three yards of impact for splashes and smudges. It wasn't pleasant, but every time I felt the frustration getting the better of me he would come around the corner and say something. First it was, "I ate too much junk food mom. That's all. I don't need to eat any more junk food tonight because I had too much at the party on Friday. It's just really hard to say no. I mean, at first it's just soooo good and then, well..." He nodded as if I knew exactly what that "well" should mean. Of course I did.

Then as I'm loading my front door mat, his shoes, my pants and socks, his jacket and gloves and a few other splattered items into the washer he came up behind me and announced, "my temperature is 96.7 mom. What does that mean?" He had the ear thermometer and was taking his temperature to make sure he didn't have a fever.

Then while I was looking for another laundry basket he told me that he's just going to put his pajamas on since he might want to lay down. When I finished mopping the foyer I found him curled up on the couch, completely out.

A bit of calm and respect came over me as I realized that as aggravating as it is to clean up that mess, to smell that smell, to wish I could have told him sooner to just leave that outside, I was blessed. This little man had taken care of himself. Yes, he still needed me to pick up the messy pieces, but he had looked the situation over and found a way to walk himself into the warmth of clean clothes, a cozy blanket and the rest that he needed without any assistance from me at all.

I am pretty proud of my young warrior tonight.


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Thanksgiving Recipe

Owen's school invited the younger classes to write Thanksgiving recipes for a contest over Thanksgiving week. Owen is out of school this week and will miss out on all the festivities planned for his class, but I encouraged him to write his recipe even though he would not be part of the contest.

My Thanksgiving Recipe - By: Owen Kelso

Get a 100 lb. turkey, cut it up into drum sticks.

Take out the fat.

Get some corn on the cob, take the corn off.

Blend the turkey fat up with the corn.

Get some potatoes, and some butter, cut up the potatoes.

Mix it up with the corn and turkey fat.

Cook it in the oven at 300 degrees.

Grab some pizza to eat separately.

That's just for people who don't like the turkey.

It will probably turn out like dough, so we could probably just make cookies out of it.

But that could just be a surprise.


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Hot Chocolate

I got the boys a large hot chocolate at the church coffee house last Sunday morning. I asked for two extra cups and divided the whole thing into thirds. Owen wanted the big cup.

I just thought it looked pretty funny to see him drinking from a coffee cup the size of his head.

So far no one has turned me in for caffeine abuse.


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Going Bananas II

Where was I?

Oh yes...Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon Kris and I took the boys and Bananas to the greenway. Owen pushed the monkey in the stroller and I snapped pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I won't bore you...with all of them.

It was such a nice day and the scenery was beautiful...but I'll save some of those pictures for my blog. This is about Owen...mostly.

Our instructions were to bring Bananas back to school on Tuesday. That gave us Monday to print some pictures and create a bit of a narrative for his scrap book. I procrastinated waited until I picked Owen up from school so that he could help. We snipped and cut and got all creative and I came to the conclusion that I will NEVER scrap book in real life. I get way too involved. I didn't intend to go crazy...but who does?

So here are my very first and very last scrap pages for your viewing pleasure.

All in all, having a fake pet in the house was a fun experience. I know Owen really enjoyed it. He's a great kid.

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Going Bananas

Each of Owen's classmates gets the opportunity to bring home the class pet for a weekend. Owen has been waiting patiently for his turn and finally Bananas the monkey got to ride home in our van last Friday.

He had a blast.

I had a very busy weekend so I was hoping Owen wouldn't be too disappointed in my lack of time for pictures and playtime. Part of the deal is doing something unique with Bananas that can then be shared in the scrap book that comes home with him. Bananas has traveled, flown in helicopters, ridden in boats and spun in the washing machine. He has been to the zoo multiple times, he's gone to ball games and he is faithful to go to church every single week. That's a lot of pressure.

If you know me, you know I have a tiny little competitive streak in me that likes to find a way to out-unique others. I don't mean to do it always, sometimes it's just my innate desire for something different, I see the world as full of opportunities and creativity...God has more ideas than we've begun to tap into...ask Him for some. That's what I do. However, I do admit to now and then trying to push the limits of all things clever for the sheer joy of hearing "how did you come up with that?" I'm not proud of that, but I might as well just admit it. I'm sure some of you already knew that about me. I've known some of you way too long.

I don't like factory produced, available to anyone artwork, or the standard on almost anything. I want uniquely me, uniquely mine and preferably created by me whenever possible. Is that wrong? It sounds a little selfish when I write it out, but somehow I've justified it for years. We can discuss it over some homemade bread (my own recipe that I refuse to share), on my hand-painted plates, next to the curtains I designed and on the table I plan to re-make into an entry way art piece. Just kidding.

Anyway...back to Bananas and Owen. Owen played with that monkey like it was a little baby he was watching. He changed it's clothes and took it with him everywhere. As soon as we got home from school he made sure Bananas had a cookie.

Friday night we went shopping and he made sure that a camera was available at all times so that we could chronicle Bananas' adventures. Kris took Owen and Bananas to Dick's Sporting Goods.

Saturday I was hosting a Baby Shower at the church. I knew I would be gone all morning and I also had plans for the evening with a friend. I had this planned long before we knew we were hosting Bananas so it couldn't be helped. I was afraid that Owen would be stuck at home and have nothing to show for his time with Bananas because of all this but I forgot how creative my husband can be. Saturday morning the boys and Kris played with Legos and Kris built a throne for Bananas to sit in. They played "Hide-n-go-Bananas!" and Kris took pictures of all of it. Even at lunch, he prepared an extra corn dog just for Bananas. They slept together at nap time and watched a movie on the couch together in the afternoon. It wasn't all that unique in terms of a wildly exciting outing, but it was different than anything Bananas had been photographed doing before. Especially that chair! I was pretty proud of my boy's daddy for that one.

On Sunday we did NOT take Bananas to church. I set him up to watch the service online. Not really. But there has been a rule put in place by our children's pastors at church regarding toys brought in to Sunday school. Just too much distraction with so many kids. We didn't even ask if Bananas could be an exception. I was a little sad by that because I thought a picture of Bananas going down that huge slide in the indoor playground at what I affectionately refer to as "Chuck-E-Church" would be really fun. But we didn't want to cause any issues, so we left Bananas at the house.

Post to be continued. I need to make dinner.

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