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blog schedule

         So my blog schedule may not go completely as planed but I will try.                   First off, CLUES is every FRIDAY!          Also I will try to do a book report every MONDAY!          I won't write on SUNDAYS!          So that's it. more »


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Problems with writing

For me writing and typing does not EVER come naturally. Um... Uh...Let's see... Well... you see what I mean. It's really... really... hard for me. Especially when distractions come... HEY GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK!! time it took to type: 15… more »


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Book Review: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Peter Warren Hatcher has a big problem : his little 2 1/2 year old brother Fudge (Farley Drextel Hatcher). From eating flower petals to jumping off jungle gyms. What happens next!? I liked TOAFGN because more »


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It's birthday season at our house. Aron's was just 3 days ago(the 25th of September). Mine is coming soon. But Ivan's , not so much. See his is the 29th of November so , yeah. Anyway Aron got a painting of a Christmas tree,by ME! Also Tic tacs f… more »


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Gravity Destroyer

Gravity Destroyer is a left spin bey blade. He is my best bey blade. He is a warrior bey blade. This picture was taken while I was eating ice cream. He is a right spin too. I bought Gravity Destroyer today at Walmart. It cost $8.71. I saved my… more »

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